Once you’ve found a special gift for¬†your Valentine¬†— perhaps from our¬†Valentine’s Day Gift Guide? —¬†you’ll probably want to wrap it in something other than leftover holiday¬†gift wrap. Got nothing at home but yesterday’s newspaper and arts-and-crafts scraps? You’re in luck.

At Design is Yay, you can download¬†two free printable Valentine’s Day gift wrap¬†options that will make whatever you wrap up look like you put in whole lot of TLC. Isn’t it awesome when great designers create beautiful free things just for us?


Free printable gift wrap for Valentine's Day from Design is Yay

Click over to choose between¬†a super sweet pink little heart matchstick design or a¬†blue love you like…¬†embellished paper. Saying I love you like cheese tacos pizza¬†or I love you like handbags and¬†shoes? Now¬†that’s¬†true love.

Download the two free printable Valentine’s Day gift wrap designs from Design is Yay.