My breast pump definitely got the job done, but it was certainly not stylish. Or smart. Try awkward and uncomfortable. But the husband and wife team behind Babyation are aiming to change that. Their new breast pump might be exactly what nursing moms have been hoping for.

Babyation is the brain child of Jared Miller and Samantha Rudolph, born after they realized breast pumps really hadn’t changed much since the 1850s. Talk about scary! So, they set out to make a pump that’s super quiet, very discreet (as in, no boobage on display), and smart — it interfaces with an app that gives moms customized presets, data logging, and yes, control of the pump.

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The Babyation breast shields are smaller and apparently, more comfortable.

To help get the Babyation to market, Jared and Samantha have launched a Kickstarter campaign, which means it might take awhile before you actually get your hands (or um, your boobs) on this new pump. But, considering how challenging and uncomfortable pumping can be for so many women — raising my hand, here — it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on, and if you’re so inclined, supporting. Here’s to bringing breast pumps into the 21st century, finally.

You can learn more about the Babyation breast pump on their website and their Kickstarter page