Hold on to your bracelets of submission, ladies. We’ve found a smart new gift for girls. My First Book of Girl Power by Julie Merberg teaches our little girls what it means to be strong, important, and powerful.

The geek in me loves that I’ve found a cool, comic book-inspired gift for the kids in my life (they’re all getting one of these now, by the way), but it’s the mom in me that adores that this board book is not just a nod to comic book culture. There are some important lessons for all kids — boys and girls of all ages — in the pages of this little book.

Some takeaways: Girls are strong and kind. They help people. They are brave and explore new places. They work together to make the world a better place. Even if I do need to remind my kids that we don’t need to wear a leotard and have a 14-inch waist to do so.


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Best baby gift ever? My First Book of Girl Power by Julie Merberg. Amazing!

New DC Comics board books for kids, like My First Book of Super Powers. Wow!

Yes, baby. Even Super Heroes Sleep. And you will too.


My one other complaint: Wow, this book is white. I know that’s how the biggest comic book heroes have traditionally been portrayed, but I’d love to see a book that includes heroes like Storm.

Nevertheless, I think this is a super gift for new parents of a baby girl, for a First Grader who is just starting to read, or as a throwback for your young adult who needs a little nudge and boost of confidence and reminder that she is strong and able. Especially if she’s already got Oh, The Places You’ll Go

You can find My First Book of Girl Power
by Julie Merberg, and other books in the DC Comics board book series like My First Book of Super Powers and Even Super Heroes Sleep, at our affiliate Amazon or in your local bookstore. Also look for them at your neighborhood comic book store, too.