We could all use a little nudge to get moving some mornings, especially after a horrible night sleep with a teething infant or a sick child. And what’s way more helpful than a friend chanting “it takes a village,” or your partner reminding you “it’s just a phase,” are these get-up-and-go coffee mugs we found on Etsy.

With these motivational mugs, you can get the affirmation you need that everything is going to be all right — and, really, it will be all right — and go seize the day, even on just 2 hours of sleep. (Coffee helps too.)

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Make today awesome! motivational coffee mug from Paperfuel on Etsy

Make Today Awesome! motivational coffee mug | Paperfuel

You know what would really make today awesome? A nap.


Today is the Day. . .motivational coffee mug from Bread & Jam on Etsy

Today is the Day motivational coffee mug | Bread & Jam

Sometimes you just have to be wildly optimistic to get through the day. (Nothing will ever go as planned.)

Milk & Honey Luxuries' She Believed She Could motivational coffee mug on Etsy

She Believed She Could, So She Did. . .motivational coffee mug | Milk & Honey Luxuries

Hey, you got up, didn’t you?

Emily McDowell's You Can Do It! motivational coffee mug on Etsy

You Can Do It! motivational coffee mug | Emily McDowell Studio (also at top)

Repeat after me: You can do it! (The rest of you can, ahem, be quiet.)

Good Vibes Only motivational mug from Heart & Willow Prints on Etsy

Good Vibes Only motivational coffee mug | Heart & Willow Prints

Some days call for setting boundaries. In other words: No bummers, please.