In my opinion, a good book is a great gift. And since you’re probably shopping for Mom this week (but hurry!), I’d recommend you stop by your local bookstore to take a peek at What I Told My Daughter by Nina Tassler. This collection of essays about raising empowered girls will leave your mom feeling inspired, whether she’s a new mom whose girls are still young or a mom whose girls are already grown.

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These essays are written by a powerful group of women leaders — Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Laura Bush, and Gloria Allred, plus Blythe Danner, Mia Hamm, and Marie Osmond — who share their experiences raising their own daughters. Even though I feel like I’m a fairly progressive mom, this book opened my eyes even more to the life lessons we can teach our girls every day.

And because each essay is only 5–6 pages (at most), this is a book you can toss in your bag to read a chapter while you’re waiting in the carpool line or grabbing 15 minutes of me-time at a coffee shop.

I have a feeling no matter where you fall philosophically or politically, you’ll find someone in here you connect with because each woman writes poignantly about something I think all moms would agree with: demanding equality for our girls so they have the same opportunities in life that our boys do.

You can find What I Told My Daughter by Nina Tassler — perfect for Mother’s Day! — at your local bookstore or our affiliate Amazon. And for what it’s worth, we think it’d make a pretty awesome Father’s Day gift, too.