While I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of horse racing, I do usually pour myself a mint julep and watch the Kentucky Derby (without the hat) each year. My kids and I are fascinated by the sheer beauty of the stunning horses¬†— an interest that, for me,¬†began when my Mom gave me a classic Breyer horse — Black Beauty, of course — when I was 7 years old. From that point on, I was hooked on horses.

So, moms and dads, whether your child heads to the stables every day after school or just dreams about¬†it while they read My Friend Flicka for the dozenth time, you’ll score big points with one of these gifts for kids who love horses. So adorable and affordable, I am seriously chomping at the bit to get my hands on each one of these.

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Cool photo real equestrian bedding by Snurk lets you ride horses, even in your dreams.

If your daughter eats, breathes, and sleeps all things equestrian, then¬†this awesome¬†Horse Duvet set by Snurk is perfect for her. We love the¬†photo-real style —¬†ideal¬†for our trendsetting¬†tweens. And if this helps them get into bed before 9 pm, we’re all for it.¬†($75)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: the I'm a Horse iPhone 6 case at Society 6

Sure, everybody loves unicorns. But horses are pretty cool too, and this I’m a Horse iPhone case at Society 6 is perfect for the kid (or parent) who loves both. ($35)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: A personalized pillowcase from Koko Blossom is perfect for sleepovers

This clean, modern personalized horse pillowcase from Koko Blossom is a great gift for that tween who’s just getting ready to start going to sleepovers or to spend a week¬†horse camp, if she’s so lucky. ($21)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: paint your own Breyer horse kit, the crafty horse-lover's dream gift

If your artistic child¬†can’t find a model horse that looks exactly like they want it to, get them this Paint-Your-Own Breyer Horse Set instead. They can make it look just like their favorite at the stables. ($16)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: an equestrian pocket mirror from Felix Doolittle

Felix Doolittle’s¬†Back to the Barn pocket mirror:¬†So she¬†can check her shimmery lip gloss between classes. ($12)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: handmade stamps from Talk to the Sun

We love the modern handmade animal stamps at Talk to the Sun¬†— tons of options for horse lovers, including awesome¬†unicorn and pegasus stamps too. (starting at $6)

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Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: three customizable horse prints for your wall from The Wildlands

You can customize the colors in this series of horse print canvases at The Wildlands, to¬†be sure it will match your kid’s room decor or favorite colors. ($95)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: the Horseplay! activity book by Deanna Cook

The¬†Horseplay! activity book by Deanna Cook and Katie Craig is full of creative ideas — from crafting to cooking — for horse-loving kids to do around the house this summer. ($10)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: a sweet, tiny horseshoe necklace from Amanda Deer Jewelry

I’d save this sweet, tiny horseshoe necklace at Amanda Deer Jewelry as a way to celebrate a special moment for my horse-loving tween — a great performance at a horse show or a good job on her¬†report card. ($29)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: a modern Palomino horse print from Land of Nod

If yours has outgrown the desire for a bedspread covered in horses, this modern, stylized Palomino wall art at Land of Nod is a cool way to show her love without being too twee. ($99)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: greeting cards from Pai and Pear

Maybe these stylish indie-designed horse greeting cards at Pai and Pear will inspire your child to bring back the lost art of letter-writing. ($3.50)

If a real pony isn't in the budget yet, try a sit-on toy, like this one from Target. It holds up to 65 lbs!

A¬†sit-on pony¬†might just¬†hold your kid over until you’re ready to go for broke on¬†the real thing. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you. ($79)

Affordable gifts for kids who love horses: colored pencils that benefit the World Horse Welfare

If your child’s love for horses is truly heartfelt and not just a passing phase, consider getting them a gift that helps horses in a tangible way with a donation to¬†the non-profit World Horse Welfare — and get these cool colored pencils¬†with your donation. You can even¬†adopt a horse¬†through the organization, if that¬†real pony isn’t in your kid’s future.