The internet’s been all atwitter about the re-release of the Misty Copeland Barbie doll. Can we blame the buzz? It’s Misty Copeland — brilliant prima ballerina, African-American trailblazer, and all-around girl crush.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who feel so strongly about a doll representing her. As part of Mattel’s Barbie “Sheroes” collection, made for adult collectors (but coveted by kids too), she sold out within an hour of its original release. So the fact that Target and Amazon are getting more in stock in a few days is fantastic news, especially since the Misty Copeland Barbie dolls I’ve been trolling on ebay are selling for well over $100 each now, yikes!

Now for the challenges. (Besides the ordering frenzy.)

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We have to agree strongly with the criticism that the Misty Copeland doll does not look nearly enough like the actual Misty Copeland. The doll is way more light-skinned, which is a total bummer, considering Misty has been rightfully celebrated for her accomplishments as the first African-American principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theater.

And hey, where is that muscular dancer’s body we all envy, to fill out that amazing Firebird costume?

The Misty Copeland Barbie: We wish it looked more like her but what a great addition to the Barbie Sheroes collection

I do notice some definition in those remarkable calves, but I think the Barbie version of Misty still looks too Barbie-esque. As in, an unrealistic waistline, stick-thin legs, and disproportionately huge boobs. (Not just me, right?)

I mean, if we’re going to commend “Sheroes” for those accomplishments, we shouldn’t be minimizing the athleticism of those like Misty Copeland by changing her body so radically.

Executional flaws aside, I still love that Mattel chose Misty as a Shero in the first place, because, she is.

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And what I’m just as excited about is that the Ava DuVernay doll, which does capture the groundbreaking Selma director’s gorgeous dark skin tone and enviable waist-length dreadlocks, gives me the sense that the company is very capable of making Sheroes who really are as unique and awesome and individual as the fabulous women who inspire them.

Ava Duvernay Barbie doll, from the Sheroes collection

If only Mattel could help get her those Best Director Oscar and Golden Globe statues she deserved. That would be one Barbie accessory we’d make sure our kids never lost.

The limited edition Misty Copeland Barbie is sold out just about everywhere, but you can order it now from our affiliate Amazon or pre-order for a lower price ($29.99) at our affiliate Target.

Top photo: ABC News