Well this is a good one, Spawned podcast fans! In our newest episode of Spawned with Kristen + Liz, we’re getting real about relationships and parenting with two very special guests, Jenna and Bodhi Elfman. (Yes, that Jenna and Bodhi Elfman.)

Beyond being famous for all sorts of stuff, they’re parents of two very cute boys, and they have a podcast of their own called Kicking and Screaming, a funny, authentic, super unvarnished look at their 21-year marriage. You can even watch the companion video to the podcast each week.

So we thought we’d get their perspective on all sorts of burning parenting and relationship topics. and wow, it was fun!


Just a few topics we touch on:

-How to keep a marriage functioning and fun after kids.

-Avoiding martyr mom syndrome

-The theory that couples should never get divorced within 3 years after having kids

-Pushing kids toward activities…or not

-Modeling good tech habits for your children

-Is it okay not to like other people’s children?

-The “Conch Theory” of responsibility and authority

-How to pronounce “Conch”

-Dealing with parenting disagreements with your partner

-The benefits of disagreeing in front of the kids

-How to apologize to kids when you’re wrong

-Jenna’s big parenting fail confession that she still feels bad about (sniff)

-Forgiving yourself for parenting fails

-Talking to kids with kindness

-Master scrolling: It’s a thing. Or at least now it is a thing because we made it a thing.



The podcast ranges from funny and irreverent, to honest and soulful, and we really hope you get some great advice — or at least a fun break in your day.

You can listen to the latest episode just by clicking on the play button right here, listening through the Megaphone site, or to listen through your favorite podcast app, just subscribe to Spawned with Kristen + Liz on iTunes or Stitcher.


Links from this week’s episode:

Jenna’s Cool Pick of the week: The Poshmark App lets you buy and sell gently-worn designer clothes. Look for a size small/tall and you might see Jenna’s own closet in there somewhere.

Poshmark: A great app + website that lets you buy and sell gently used designer clothes so easily

Liz’s Cool Pick of the week
: The National Spelling Bee website is filled with word nerdery for both you and your kids!

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the week: Rita Hazan Root Concealer keeps you covered between salon appointments, and she swears by it.

Bodhi’s Cool Pick of the week: LA Times profile: Surfer Laird Hamilton’s 10 Point Plan to Live Forever.

Jenna guest-judging So You Think You Can Dance

Can you find Jenna in this 1990 Depeche Mode video?

A sneak peek trailer of Imaginary Mary, Jenna’s new show on ABC with Rachel Dratch:


Imaginary Mary: The new ABC comedy starring Jenna Elfman and Rachel Dratch

Social media links galore! Bodhi Elfman on Twitter and Instagram; Jenna Elfman on Twitter and Instagram; the @KickingElfman on Instagram, and of course, Kicking and Screaming on iTunes


Listen right now to Episode 42 of Spawned with Kristen + Liz featuring Jenna + Bodhi Elfman. We think you’ll see why we totally could have kept talking for another 6 hours.


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