We all know chewable, sturdy board books are a great choice for babies and toddlers who are still in the oral fixation phase of development, but these books aren’t always known for being the most stimulating for adult minds. Especially when kids demand the same book be read over and over.

And over.

So for this Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up just a few¬†sweet and¬†hilarious board books for new dads — some of which you might even recognize from our¬†2016 Baby Shower Gift Guide.¬†They’re¬†perfect for a first Father’s Day, a second Father’s Day, an almost dad-to-be, or just for everyday bedtime snuggling.

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Father's Day gifts: Star Wars board book | Amazon affiliate
If the dad you’re buying for is anything like my husband, who saw The Force Awakens¬†five times (yep, five)¬†in theaters, he will probably love this board book adaptation of the original Star Wars trilogy. The campy little felt recreations of his¬†favorite characters in Star Wars: Epic Yarns had me rolling.¬†Plus, even stormtroopers look surprisingly huggable when made out of felted yarn.

Father's Day gifts: Jimmy Fallon's DADA board book | Amazon affiliate
There are so many contenders for baby’s first word. Ball! Dog! Mama!¬†¬†It’s easy for Dada¬†not to make it to the¬†¬†top of the list. Jimmy Fallon’s solution? Start an animal kingdom campaign for fatherly recognition, naturally. We love the adorable¬†illustrations in the tongue-in-cheek¬†Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, which is one of our favorite¬†gifts for new dads, and also made our Father’s Day gift guide this year.¬†Considering it has Dada¬†on every page,¬†we suspect Fallon’s got a plan going here.


Father's Day gifts: Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa board book | Amazon affiliate
Ahmet Zappa’s¬†Because I’m Your Dad¬†isn’t a board book per se, but it’s a lovely picture book that fully embraces a father’s creative license to occasionally break all parenting rules. Case in point: because I’m your dad, you can have rocky road ice cream in the bathtub. We¬†loved this book so much we featured it in our¬†Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $25. Plus,¬†music-loving parents¬†will appreciate the author’s¬†sweet reference to his own father. Cue the warm fuzzies.

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