You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he dresses, and in my mind, cufflinks say sophisticated, successful, and now, daddy. Give your kids’ dad these sterling silver Dada cufflinks by Tali Gillette for Father’s Day, so he can wear his love for his kids on his sleeve. Dapper, darling Dad. Awww, right?

We found these back in the spring and think they are the perfect gift for any dad, including new dads, which is why we included them in our 2016 Baby Shower Gift Guide. At less than 1-inch long, they’re understated yet stylish enough for his power meetings at work. Plus, they’ll remind him why he’s working so hard; and that those kids want him home in time for dinner and a few levels of Super Mario before bedtime.

This sterling silver Dada keychain from Tali Gillette is both a practical and sentimental Father's Day gift.

That said, if cufflinks are a little too formal for your guy, you can get him this keychain version instead. We think it’s pretty awesome too.

And in my mind, a practical gift that also reminds him how much he’s loved is worth its weight in, er, sterling.

You can find Tali Gillette’s sterling silver Dada cufflinks and keyring at her website or in our 2016 Baby Shower Gift Guide. Bonus: they’re offering 10% off if you order before May 31.