When it comes to tween and teen skin, and figuring out the skincare routine that will work best for them, I like to take the less is more approach — at least until action is really needed. When I was younger, I had great skin until I started trying out all sorts of different products on them. Then¬†I went back to using natural skincare solutions, and thankfully it calmed my skin down again.

So if you’ve got a tween or teen with normal skin and no serious skin problems¬†— which might require a visit to a dermatologist or your family doctor — ¬†as a skincare and makeup expert, I¬†always¬†recommend¬†a spritz of rose water or another natural toner on a cotton pad to my clients, and that’s it.

But¬†if you’ve got a tween or teen who’s seeing the beginning of mild¬†breakouts, I’ve put together¬†a simple, natural skin routine that’s safe for¬†most skin types.

Just be aware that, as with any¬†new skincare products,¬†it’s always best to do a skin test to make sure your child (or you) isn’t allergic or reactive. Especially where her face is concerned!

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Tween skincare basics


1. Clean with¬†Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser
You can use¬†this morning and night to cleanse the skin without stripping it, something that’s super important. It’s got a nice mild scent, and is effective even on adult skin, particularly when you’re not trying to scrub off layers of makeup.

2. Apply Indian Clay Healing Mask Every Few Days
Teens can use¬†a natural mask like this one to draw out impurities, about three¬†times a week, whether they¬†have a breakout or not. (One tip: Have¬†them set¬†reminders on their phone so they know when it’s mask day.) You can also¬†mix the clay with¬†apple cider vinegar instead of water and in my experience, it works like magic. Just note that this mask can be drying — and even though young skin tends to be more oily than our own, girls should¬†definitely should use a moisturizer afterwards.

3. Spritz with Acure Rose Toner After Cleansing
Toners help to normalize more oily skin, and get rid of extra dirt that can accumulate and clog up pores. So while normal skin will react well with a quick spritz of rose water after cleansing, as mentioned above, I recommend Acure Rose Toner for oily skin, or those who are starting to wear makeup.

4. Apply MyChelle Moisturizing Gel to Finish the Routine
There are plenty of lightweight natural moisturizers or gels that will work fine on young skin, but I like the moisturizing gel¬†from MyChelle Dermaceuticals, which is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is free of stuff like parabens, petroleum, Phthalates, artificial fragrances and colors. It’s definitely pricier than what you’ll find in the drugstore, but I find it lasts a good long time.

Find most of these products at your local Whole Foods, natural food or beauty retailer, or at our affiliate Amazon.com. Have a make-up question for Kristyn? Want to book her for an event or make-up bag intervention? You can visit her at her site, Shimmer and Spice.