When I got an email about Boka oral care subscription boxes, I got pretty excited because I am a little obsessed with toothbrushes. Yes, I’m the one who disinfects them after illnesses, tosses them pretty consistently every 3–4 months, and never ever goes to bed without flossing. That’s what you get when you work for a dentist all throughout high school and college.

So when I heard I could get a box with a new toothbrush, paste, and floss delivered to my door every three months, I was elated, and when the Boka Box arrived at my door, it did not disappoint.

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The Boka Box subscription service delivers natural oral care products right to your door

The products are fantastic, and beautifully packaged with brushing and flossing tips and tricks. And even better, they’re all-natural and dentist approved. You can pick from their pre-packaged boxes or create your own, which is handy for someone like me who needs five toothbrushes, but really just one floss and toothpaste. As for the prices, well, they’re pretty great compared to what you’re probably paying, especially given the quality of the Boka products.

The toothbrushes, in both adult and kid sizes, feature the softest bristles I’ve ever felt that are treated with charcoal that actually reduces odor-causing bacteria. They’ve even got electric toothbrush heads too! And the toothpaste is fantastic, made here in the U.S.A. with essential oils, hold the parabens, and better, not too “spicy” (aka minty) for kids. Or at least, my kids, anyway. The Cocorinse lets me tell people I’ve tried oil pulling, which I hear is supposed to be amazing for your mouth.

My only gripe is the floss, which to me is on the thick side for kids or people like me with a super crowded mouth.

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Even if you’re not an oral care junkie like me, I think the idea of not having to think about something that hey, is pretty important to your family’s health, is really smart. In fact, I’d say it makes a unique gift for a kid or family who has everything (call me crazy, but it’s true). Plus, with every toothbrush purchase, they donate to a person in need through their charitable partner, Surge. So, in a way, you’re not just keeping your family’s mouth healthy; you’re helping another family do the same for their kids too.

You can sign up for a subscription or shop the store at Boka.com.

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