Oh, boy, do we love gift subscription boxes for moms around here. Whether for self-pampering, kid activities, or great gifts for new moms, we’re all about adding the (well curated!) element of surprise to an otherwise dreary mailbox without having to do the hours of curation ourselves. Now Ecocentric Mom is another great option to add to the list, especially if you’re super picky about what you put on and in your body. Because they are indeed super, super picky.

Ecocentric Mom (not to be confused with Egocentric Mom which would be a totally different kind of gift box) offers three different subscriptions: a Pregnancy Box, a Mom and Baby Box, and a straight up Mom Box. As I’m neither pregnant nor still carrying around my dumplings, I tried out a Mom Box, and this skeptical natural product aficionado was really impressed.

For $24 including shipping in the US, they send you 5-9 products, some sample-sized and some full-sized, all of which have been tested, researched, and determined safe, eco-conscious, and responsibly sourced. Basically, they do all the work for you, which is awesome.

Subscription boxes for moms: Ecocentric subscription box

The (prettily packaged in pink) Mom Box includes nine different goodies and a handy card that clearly describes each item along with that company’s website so you can dig up more info on your own. The Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies were gone in a flash, thanks to my kids, who will also dig the reusable lunch bag in a pretty blue botanical print from Eco Ditty. I’m a new fan of 7th Heaven Natural Skin Mask and the WooBamboo toothbrush. And there are several products I’ve never heard of and would never have sought myself but that I’m excited to try including a packet of sleep herbs that can maybe help me catch up on that deficit I’ve had for, oh, eight years.

I bet it would be super great for a pregnant or new mom who has only just begun to dip her toes into all the offerings and doodads available for her outside of the big box stores. Especially since you get coupon codes for each of the included products–some up to 40% off. Whoa!

While I don’t have any reservations here, I will say I am not super excited about the Bhindi Masala spice blend for green beans that came in my box. I’d much rather pamper myself, rebuild my blood, and sleep–than cook.

Choose from three different subscription boxes for moms at Ecocentric Mom. They ship every two months, rather than monthly, so you might wait longer than you’re expecting for your first box. They also have a referral program that pays you back, should you like it enough to share with your friends. 

For more subscription boxes for moms (and for other worthy recipients!) check out our archives.

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