If your family is anything like ours, you’re only now¬†getting caught up on lost sleep from the Olympics. But in¬†its wake, the games¬†leave us all with a¬†healthy dose of wanderlust and interest in oh, say…Tonga. For no apparent reason.

So, we’ve decided to round up some of the coolest world map decals to help inspire your own burgeoning jet-setters who may have gotten excited about learning more about the countries of the world this summer. The graphics¬†are so nice to look at, and¬†some even include¬†a ton of information to qualify them as educational.¬†Decals for the win!

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This Iconic Cultural World Map captures all the important stuff, including camels and lions. So fun! | Pop & Lolli

I love that this iconic cultural world map wall decal from Pop & Lolli (also at top) reflects not only the wildlife and monuments of various countries, but also the traditional dress. Also, can the animals get any cuter?


Clean lines and cool colors make this Kids Map from Chasing Paper one of our favorite world map decals.

If you want your kids to grasp the general concept of continents and the vast world, this wall-size kids map decal at Chasing Paper is a clean, minimalist solution. I love the look of such a simple, clean map with a few randomly scattered geographic icons like the Andes mountains and Dutch Windmills. It leaves lots of room for imagining and plotting out future travels.

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Learn the world by its animals with this Kids' World Map from Rocky Mountain Decals. So many cute creatures!

I can never remember if penguins live at the North or South Pole, so I’m already benefiting from this colorfully fun¬†kids world map decal¬†from Rocky Mountain Decals. Because learning about our great big world through¬†its¬†wildlife is actually a pretty brilliant way to get oriented. Oh, and to learn that penguins? Down south.