Whether your little artist is more of a Versace or a Van Gogh, they can become the hottest new designer… and wear a creation of their very own. Picture This is an awesome new mom-run business that will print your kid’s drawing directly onto a dress, whether for themselves, or in miniature for a favorite doll.

Just download and print the dress template, let your child go crazy decorating it, email them a pic, and order a dress made from your very own kid’s artwork. Right now they offer a simple A-line t-shirt dress in sizes 2 to 18 that should look good on pretty much any girl. They’re all made by hand in Las Vegas so the current wait time from order to shipping is about 12–15 days.

The best part is that you can add a matching doll dress too. Your mini me can have a mini me!


Picture This makes girl's dresses from your own child's artwork!

Lots of ways to play with the dress templates, then turn it into a dress designed by your own kids at Picture This.

Picture This makes dresses and matching doll dresses from your kids' own artwork. Love this

I love how there’s no limit to what your kid can do in that dress-shaped space. From crayons to pen and ink, tempera and oils to 3D collages like the ones shown above, the sky’s the limit.Then, when someone asks your kid, Who are you wearing? at their next red carpet event, the answer will be, Me!

Visit Picture This so your kid can create her own dress starting for $49, with doll dresses running $10-25.