Sure, those prenatal classes and baby books may prepare you for labor, breastfeeding (kind of), and baby milestones. But there are so many truly insane moments as a new parent that create a stark difference between your new life (i.e. slave to an infant) and your old one (i.e. slave to the sales days at your favorite store) and we had the best time remembering some of our favorites.

This post is graciously brought to you by one of our favorite infant brands, FridaBaby, because they not only have a great sense of humor, but they know a little something about new parent hell. Which is why they make products we’ve recommended for years, including their brilliant new Nailfrida the SnipperClipper nail care set, complete with nail clippers designed with a secret safety spy hole.

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The new NailFrida SnipperClipper baby nail set is brilliant! Because it's hard enough getting those nails clipped during naptimes

Because yep, this is your life. And you now need a baby nail clipper with something called a “spy hole.”


1. The time you “sterilize” the pacifier with your mouth.


2. The time you decide you are absolutely willing to go to prison for what you will do to the delivery person who dares ring your doorbell at naptime.

Passive aggressive sleeping baby doorknob hanger. Every new parent can relate!

Sleeping baby door hanger: Olive & Clyde on Etsy


3. The time you wipe your kid’s snotty nose with your bare hands, because it’s that or your sleeve.


4. The time you realize that you are actually cutting another human being’s toenails while they sleep.


5. The time the only thing you have to offer guests is an open bottle of wine, and cookies in the shape of Muppet faces.

11 times new parents thing: WTF HOW IS THIS MY LIFE? | Offering muppet cookies to company

6. The time you poll your Facebook friends for clever responses to, “oh, that’s a cute name for a baby! I know a dog with that name!”


7. The time you find yourself up to your elbow in toilet water to retrieve a cell phone. Or a bath toy. Or your favorite ring. If it’s not already too late.

11 times parents think WTF HOW IS THIS MY LIFE? The toy/jewelry/phone in the toilet

Via jessicafmcreative commons

8. The time you find yourself peeing while holding the baby because, whatever.


9. The time you spend 7 months finding the perfect Halloween costume that your baby will wear for a total of 13 seconds.

Things that make parents wonder WTF HOW IS THIS MY LIFE? Pinterest boards devoted to hundreds of infant costumes

10. The time you ask whether the neighborhood bar has high chairs.


11. The time you realize the totally annoying person sharing the 16 zillion baby photos and status updates documenting every minute of every damn day…is you.

Oversharenting moments via stfu parents blog. Hilarious! (And awful)

via STFU parents blog


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The new FridaBaby infant nail clipper kit makes those naptime nail-trimming sessions that much easier

Top photo: kindergentler2001 via Compfight cc

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