I never used a white noise machine with any of my kids when they were babies, which may explain¬†why they were such terrible nappers. Compare that to my friends, who’d come over for dinner and board games with their babies in tow. Their kids slept soundly in our room with¬†a white noise machine running, while we hung out in the next room. Traveling with a plug-in¬†white noise machine is clunky, though, so¬†I’m happy to discover the SoundBub. This adorable white noise machine is now at the top of my baby shower gift ideas list.

For parents who are on-the-go a lot, the SoundBub makes so much sense. The cute, soft design looks like a sweet stuffed furry friend¬†that can clip onto¬†your car seat handle, stroller, diaper bag, or really anything at all. But it’s way more than just sweet;¬†it’s actually some pretty smart tech.

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Attach the SoundBub portable white noise machine to your baby's car seat for on-the-go soothing white noise.

Play lullabies, send voice messages, or soothe rain or beach sounds with the SoundBub portable white noise machine.

The SoundBub portable white noise machine is a parents' lifesaver for naptimes on-the-go (yes, even while hiking)!

The¬†Bluetooth enabled speaker on the SoundBub allows you to stream audio — your favorite lullabies¬†or kid-friendly podcasts —¬†to entertain your child. Or when it’s naptime or bedtime, you just press the button on its belly to play soothing white noise.

But what I think may be their¬†coolest feature is their VoiceShare app, which lets anyone you love log in and record messages you can play for your child through the speaker. How sweet is that? And if¬†a little¬†SoundBub¬†nudge from grandma or their favorite uncle is what gets them to actually take a nap, I’ll take it.

You can find the SoundBub portable white noise machine at our affiliate Amazon or on their website.