When my first child was born I had no clue how much my heart could be so full with love . . . or how much my house could be so full of stuff. Bouncers and swings and piles upon piles of diapers and wipes and burp cloths.

If space is at a premium for you too, then you’re going to want to take a look at¬†the brand new¬†gb Pockit umbrella stroller, which holds the¬†Guinness Book of World Records title for smallest folding stroller. As in,, it’s so small you¬†can hide it in a handbag. (Well, a large-ish handbag, not a clutch.)

We didn’t believe it either.

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Even though it folds down small enough that¬†you can carry it with one hand, the gb Pockit is¬†not made for a doll. Its heavy-duty construction¬†can actually hold kids up to 55 pounds.¬†The durability does come with an equally hefty price tag — about $250, which is comparable to higher-end umbrella strollers — but if you can swing it, the investment is well worth it¬†for go-to gear you¬†can take anywhere. Let alone manage¬†without breaking a sweat.

I’ve tried the Pockit (thanks so much to the company for giving us the chance to kick the tires first-hand) and must admit¬†it really does open and fold down quickly and easily.

Just¬†think about the possibilities: you can slide the stroller¬†under your¬†chair at a busy cafe;¬†fit it in your lap when you¬†hop in a taxi; stow it away in the overhead compartment on planes or trains — it even fits underneath the seat on an airplane if you need to top compartment for¬†a carry-on bag.



The gb Pockit stroller holds up to 55 lbs but folds down small enough to fit in your tote bag.

We're big fans of the new gb Pockit stroller, which is sleek, lightweight, and folds down small enough to fit in your carry on.

Whoa, the new gb Pockit stroller folds small enough to fit in your tote bag. Seriously, small.



It seems to have been¬†made with on-the-go city moms and dads in mind, who can really¬†appreciate its¬†compact size but even as a suburban mom with a big garage I can absolutely see the value¬†of¬†that tiny footprint after it’s folded. I mean, who couldn’t benefit from a stroller that can be¬†stashed in the trunk of your car with plenty of room leftover for¬†hauling groceries, backpacks and more sports gear than you ever thought you’d own?

And, oh yeah, the kids will still fit in the car, too.

You can find the gb Pockit stroller at¬†their website or our affiliate Amazon. Right now it’s only available in Monument Black, but more colors are coming soon (like that gorgeous teal at top).¬†Thanks, gb, for sending us a sample to try out. We’re instant fans.