After 11¬†years of parenting, I’m a pretty big believer in not buying baby gear that doesn’t grow with your child. That means floor mats dedicated exclusively to, say, tummy time isn’t at the top of my priority list. (As cute as they may be.) Instead, I’d throw down any clean blanket — or bath towel, if I’m being¬†honest —¬†and call it a day.

But then I found the new Bliss round blanket from Little Giraffe, which is so perfect for playtime and, yes, tummy time. I think the cool, modern design is pretty enough that parents will want to use it long after their baby has mastered rolling over and crawling.

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We're swooning over the new modern Bliss blanket from Little Giraffe.

This blanket is huge, for one thing — it’s 5-feet wide, which is plenty big for your baby to roll around on a clean surface while building up those neck muscles. Then, when they’re older, it will make a great surface for¬†playing cars and trucks and tea parties.

I’d say it’s probably too large to¬†stuff into a¬†diaper bag and take on-the-go, but it’s pretty enough to¬†sling¬†over an armchair when it’s not in use. Or hey, leave it out all the time — its modern¬†pattern and neutral¬†color makes it a perfect little area rug too.

You can find the Bliss round blanket at our affiliate Amazon or on Little Giraffe’s website. We love the silvery gray color seen here, but they also have it in baby blue and pink.