As many moms who have done it before (including us!) can attest, re-entering the workforce after taking time off for kids, whether it’s been six months or sixteen years, is no easy feat. You may have¬†taken a break from your career¬†for personal reasons, financial reasons, more flex-time, or just some much-needed extended time off, but either way, we know it can be a huge source of frustration¬†trying to get back in the game and reestablish yourself as a professional, once you’ve been “mommytracked.”

(And man, don’t you hate that term?)

So we reached out to Cool Mom Picks friend and renowned work-life balance expert and best-selling author, Samantha Ettus, author of the brand new The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction for some help.

We¬†had a terrific chat with her on this week’s episode¬†Spawned with Kristen + Liz!¬†about career moms, work-life balance — and whether there even is such a thing. Listen right now! Then see her tips for getting back into¬†the workplace, below.


Some of the topics we cover in Episode 53: Work Life Balance is a Big Fat Lie

-Why the term “work-life balance”¬†pretty much sucks — and¬†why Sam calls herself a work-life balance expert anyway.

-Why we should think about prioritization instead of balance.

-How to look at the 7 “slices of pie” in your life

-Solid ways to ditch mom guilt because ugh, mom guilt

-How and why to unplug one hour at a time

-Modeling fun for your kids

-How single moms can achieve more balance even when it seems impossible

-The best kind of multi-tasking

-Why mom friends are essential

-Why Shonda Rhimes is the queen of email management. (We bow down!)



We’re happy to have¬†Samantha¬†offer her¬†own best¬†tips for you moms who want to¬†pull¬†yourselves¬†up by your bootstraps, find the strategy and strength you need, and get¬†back to work in the career¬†you want.
1. Be a helper
Are you good at helping people? I thought so. Networking is just a fancy word for helping people. When you give, you get, and now that you are aiming to get back to work, you will need to expand your network fast. One of the best ways to do it is to be generous with your own network. Have a friend who needs a lawyer? Introduce her to your attorney friend from high school. Know two badass working moms? Introduce them. Opportunities to help are everywhere if you look for them.
2. Change your story
If you are like most moms who left the workforce, you have been making a mistake in how you talk about yourself. Don‚Äôt be ‚ÄúMolly who stays home with her kids.‚ÄĚ Be ‚ÄúMolly who was in marketing for 10 years and has taken a couple of years off before she returns.‚ÄĚ The second Molly is employable, the first one is not.

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Top 5 tips for returning to the workforce after kids, from Pie Life author Samantha Ettus |

3. Lose the guilt
Your plans to return to the workforce should not be saddled with one iota of ambivalence. Instead, change your perspective. When you are back to work, you will be protecting your family financially and serving as a role model to your kids. Plus, we all feel better when we have goals outside of our children, and work will provide that. Win. Win. Win.
4. Keep current
Read every relevant industry publication and blog you can get your hands on. Update your LinkedIn profile. Follow the business thought leaders on Twitter. The more you know, the more employable you are. As a job candidate, you need to make the employer comfortable hiring someone who has been out of the workforce. Knowledge makes you more employable.
5. Ace the interview
Once you land the interview, dress professionally, channel your most confident friend and wear a smile. Talk about how excited you are to get back in and how hard you work. When you show up with enthusiasm and a great work ethic, you reduce their concerns about hiring you after the gap.


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