This week on Spawned, we are laughing so hard (truly, like, mascara-running laughing) discussing the craziest sexy costumes we’ve seen. Plus, more Halloween fun.

Click right here to hear Kristen ranking these best of the worst ideas for “sexy” Halloween costumes from 1-10. (Seriously, who came up with a sexy Freddy Krueger?)  Or, catch to Spawned with Kristen + Liz on iTunes through your podcast app and even binge on past episodes you might have missed. Thanks for listening!



The best of the worst “sexy” Halloween costumes

Bad ideas for

Sexy Pac-Man Costume

Ridiculous "sexy" Halloween costumes: Shouldn't it come in flesh?

Sexy Crayola Crayon Costume 

Sexy Big Bird Costume: Who thought this was a good idea?

Sexy Big Bird Costume

Terrible ideas for

Sexy Chinese Take-Out Container Costume

Not a good idea: sexy Freddy Kreuger costume

Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume


Sexy Cowardly Lion Costume


Sexy SWAT Team Costume


Sexy Space Commander Astronaut Costume

Sexy Aladdin costume: Oh, just no

Sexy Aladdin Costume. Just…no.


If you want to laugh along with our take on sexy costumes, the candies parents are entitled to take from our kids and more, listen here. And let us know if you agree!

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Kristen’s cool pick of the week: All the parents online who came up with these 15 strong girl costume ideas. (As in, none of the ones shown in this post.)

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