As a parent, your head banging days may be over. And at five months pregnant, mine are coming to an end pretty soon.¬†In fact, lately I’ve been spending much more time agonizing over the perfect lullaby playlist than attending music festivals or buying backstage passes to my favorite local bands. But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.

Which is why I was¬†stoked to discover Daphyl’s¬†new (and growing) line of rock n’ roll-inspired strollers, sippy cups, and plush toys that really gives a new meaning to classic baby gear.

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We're loving this new line of rock-and-roll baby gear from Daphyl's. Find them on Amazon too!

Daphyl’s has emblazoned their gear with¬†iconic cover art, logos, and likenesses of some of my favorite bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Grateful Dead.¬†It’s a fun way to introduce kids to some of our generation’s most influential¬†artists, plus it’s a gateway to talking to your kids about some¬†important stuff. You know, like exactly which Jimi Hendrix guitar solo was the greatest of all time.

You can check out this collection at our affiliate Amazon, or at the company’s website. Stay tuned as they release more awesome gear. And, pssst…2017 nominees for Rock &¬†Roll Hall of Fame were just announced and the Fan Vote¬†is now open.