By now you know we fell in love with the Harry Potter wand brush set from Storybook Cosmetics (currently sold out). So if you’re in dire need of more Harry Potter makeup goodness to tide you over until you can make it to Ollivander’s, here are some other great potions and powders (many of which we found on Etsy) that will make you feel like a million galleons.


Harry Potter-inspired eyeshadows from Shiro Cosmetics are pure magic.

The Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles Collection | Shiro Cosmetics

These mineral eyeshadows named for Harry Potter-isms come in a wide range of neutrals and brights in all the lush colors you’d expect to find at Hogwarts. If you haven’t used mineral eyeshadows before, know that they arrive loose and that you’ll get a different look if you use them wet, dry, or over eyeshadow primer. Their collection also includes lip glosses (below) that look just like real, glittering potions, but do note that the ingredients are far from natural. Still, that Butterbeer one with the froth looks good enough to drink.

Magical potion lips from Shiro Cosmetics will get you through your OWLs.


Hermione's genius at your fingertips with these nail decals from Love by Luna Co.

Harry Potter Nail Decals | LovebyLunaCo

These fun silhouettes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and other various symbols will look fabulous on white, silver, or the colors of your Hogwarts house. They last up to a week — with no additional magic, of course.

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Stupefy them with these magnificent polishes from Glimmer by Erica.

Wizarding World Spells Handcrafted Artisan Nail Polishes | Glimmer by Erica

These ultra-fancy nail polishes are hand-mixed from scratch with no commercial polishes or products. Choose from six spells ranging from sweet to evil. Whether you’re into the gorgeously ghostly Expecto Patronum, the stunningly red Stupefy, or the ghoulishly glittery green Avada Kedavra, your fingertips will look like magic.

All natural Butterbeer Spa Set is good enough to drink... or maybe not.

All-natural Butterbeer Spa Set | Cherry Pit Crafts

Forget Calgon. Butterbeer, take me away! This all-natural spa set includes lotion, bubble bath, bath salts, soap, lip balm, and a soy candle, all with that luscious butterscotch vanilla scent we know and love. Perfect for a relaxing night in your cauldron, talking to Moaning Myrtle. The shop also has a wide range of products, including several such spa sets in flavors like Amortentia, Chocolate Frog, or Pygmy Puff and lip balms flavored in Hogwarts house themes.

Wondrous Witches collection will take you from Molly to Tonks!

The Wondrous Witches Collection | Pumpkin and Poppy

This 10-piece set of witch-themed vegan makeup includes three powder eyeshadows, an eyeshadow pencil, a tinted lip balm, two blushes, a brightening powder, a kohl eyeliner pencil, and a cream eyeshadow, each named after a favorite witch. I love that they included Molly Weasley and Minerva McGonagall in there. Talk about a fantastic gift for the HP addict in your life! Slip them all into one of the many HP-themed makeup bags on Etsy, and you’re as golden as a Snitch.