It used to be that clothes and gifts made from recycled materials compromised on style.¬†But these days, companies are finding creative ways to make fabulous products using resources we already have, making a huge, positive impact on the planet we live on and the one we’re going to leave our children.¬†That’s why we’re so thrilled to get the exclusive first look¬†at¬†Newly, a new company offering some of the most gorgeous home goods we’ve ever seen, all made from 100% recycled materials using sustainable, energy-efficient methods.

The five¬†founders, including Barrett Ward, the creator of¬†Cool Mom Picks favorite FashionABLE, established Newly with the goal of using existing resources¬†to make beautiful products we’d all drool over.

And let me just say, they did.

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Their initial collection includes reclaimed hardwood cutting boards, drinking and wine glasses made from recycled glass, and cotton throw blankets created with recycled cotton and water bottles, and new products are being added to their collection every month.

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Newly drinking glasses, pitcher and blanket, all made from 100% recycled materials | Cool Mom Picks

Newly throw blankets made from recycled cotton and recycled water bottles | Cool Mom Picks

Newly hardwood cutting board made from recycled wood | Cool Mom Picks

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I was completely enamored with¬†the stylish simplicity of these items, as was my boyfriend, who has worked in the food and restaurant business for over 20 years and has seen a whole lot of kitchen accessories.¬†We were both amazed at how lovely and how functional they were. And while the pieces are definitely made for everyday use, they’re elegant¬†enough for a dinner party or even a special occasion.

They’re not cheap, which isn’t surprising given their use of 100% recycled materials, and the sustainable¬†production process. But if you’re looking for cool items¬†for your home (or a special someone else’s) that¬†make you feel really good about purchasing them, and will probably¬†last a lot longer than your¬†lifetime, the Newly products are right up your alley.

Here’s to hoping more companies follow their lead to make such beautiful home goods¬†while still being dedicated to saving the Earth in the process.

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You can learn more about Newly and their new line of home goods on their website. Thanks to them for sending over items for us to try out.