We first featured Krochet Kids a few years back, and immediately loved this non-profit’s mission of creating gifts that give back, to help provide job training and a sustainable income source in impoverished communities around the globe. While they have big hearts, they have great taste too; their items are really stylish and wearable, something I also look for when we find fantastic fair trade companies to share here.

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Now the organization has added one more cool item to their catalog: A t-shirt created in collaboration with Jeff Sheldon, who you might better know as Ugmonk.

The line on the tee, behind every product is a person, fits right into their #knowwhomadeit campaign, helping to create more consciousness around the goods we buy and the brands we support. The tag is even signed by the Peruvian artisan who created that very shirt — something I’ve always loved about the clothes and accessories from Fashionable, another favorite brand that supports women in need, beautifully.

Beautiful collaboration between Krochet Kids + artist Ugmonk #knowwhomadeit
We know it’s beyond the budgets of most people to buy an entire fair trade wardrobe. I think we all do the best we can with what we’ve got. But I’ve learned that even if one thing you own is purchased with the knowledge that it’s helping someone else directly, it can end up being your very favorite item you own. That’s how I feel about my FashionABLE Scarf and leather tote, and my To the Market necklace that Kristen bought me for the holidays; and that may end up being how you feel about this t-shirt.

Find the Krochet Kids Ugmonk collaboration including a women’s tee, men’s tee, and poster, all online for a limited time at Krochet Kids. We hope they come out with it as a baby tee too! Also check out the #knowwhomadeit campaign on social media and share your own images, if you’re inclined.