Recently, I had the joy of attending the annual Martha Stewart American Made event, or what I think of as Cool Mom Picks gift guide central. Truly, it’s always a joy to discover amazing new makers and other small businesses (a few are on the @coolmompicks Instagram feed right now) and you’ll be hearing about some of my favorite finds in the weeks to come. But I really wanted to start off with an amazing company that’s new to me, Etkie.

I was instantly drawn to their stunning, truly high-quality Native American bracelets, produced by actual Native American artisans in New Mexico who earn a living wage while preserving their cultural heritage through craft.

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You may know that it’s not legal in this country to sell any art or craft product that falsely suggests it’s Indian produced or associated with a tribe when it’s not. So I’m thrilled that this company was not only created to empower Native American artisans, but that they do it so beautifully.

The soft leather inside the bracelets — seriously, touch it and you’ll be like, whoa — are sourced from a local family, then stunningly adorned with glass beads all hand-beaded on a traditional Navajo loom to create Etkie’s Heritage Collection. Let’s just say they don’t look like anything I’ve ever seen in an airport gift shop.

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The stunning Native American bracelets from Etkie: Made by Navajo artisans to preserve the craft and provide a living wage

Also check out Etkie’s higher-end Luxe Collection of Native American bracelets and other jewelry, like the Large Iris Luxe Cuff shown at top, in the bottom right corner. The inner cuffs are the same as with the Heritage Collection, but these pieces sparkle with Czech beads plated in sterling, bronze, or 24k gold. Ooh. Early holiday gift for self, anyone?

Every single item is handmade to order, and yes, they’re spendy. But something tells me you can find a whole lot of reasons to justify the purchase.

Find authentic, made-to-order Native American bracelets and other gorgeous jewelry at Etkie. Allow about 10 days for delivery (more before the holidays).

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