Finally escaping the morning sickness and extreme fatigue routine of the first trimester of my pregnancy has been a big reward in and of itself. And while I’m finding the second trimester and its nesting phase to be so much more enjoyable, it too brings its own challenges (hello, heartburn). So I was more than willing to sign up for a little pampering with The Stork Bag.

The Stork Bag is a subscription service that delivers a bag full of goodies geared toward the specific needs of each stage of pregnancy, from the first trimester all the way to a post bump bag. I got to try the second trimester bag (shown at top), which included a number of spa-like products I loved, including an all-natural deodorant, heartburn tea (whoo!), chapstick, vitamin water, non-toxic nail polish, pants extenders, and snacks (which I devoured in the first 24 hours), among other happy surprises.

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This first trimester bag contains goodies specifically geared toward the challenges of the first trimester, like ahem, morning sickness. | The Stork Bag

The Stork Bag offers several subscription options, so you can decide if you want the postpartum bag included with your three trimesters or if you want to pay upfront or with each trimester, among other customizable options. Or, if you’re feeling a little commitment-shy, you can also purchase the bags á la carte.

Like with many subscription services, you don’t get to find out exactly what’s in the bag until it arrives (although the pictures can give you some idea of the kinds of items for each stage of pregnancy), but I actually really liked the element of surprise. Plus, as a first-time mom-to-be, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to buy half of the items in the bag — like belly butter for stretch marks — that ended up becoming a go-to essential for my growing belly. And I loved that many of the items in my bag were natural and organic, so I had one less thing to worry about.

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The PostBump bag includes items you'll need once baby arrives! | The Stork Bag

Even with an element of surprise, I found that my bag did a great job of anticipating the needs of a pregnant lady in her second trimester, which is expected considering the founder and CEO of the company is a mom herself.

I think this would be a great way for far-away relatives to show some love to a special pregnant woman in their lives, or for a partner who wants to score some pregnancy points but isn’t sure what to do beyond foot massages. Although those are never a bad idea either.

To make a special pregnant mama (or yourself!) very happy, check out The Stork Bag for subscriptions and individual products. Thanks to them for sending me a bag to try!