Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for lots of people, but this year, well, let’s just say stress levels are at an all-time high.¬†So, on today’s episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we’re sharing our Thanksgiving survival tips, from setting conversation boundaries to opting out of celebrations, and yes, some fun ideas, too. Well, beyond booze and carbs, that is. Come commiserate with us!

Funny Thanksgiving wine labels via Barton Design Co.

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Links from Episode 59

Why families are so stressed at Thanksgiving

– There’s even a WebMD page about holiday stress (and what you can do about it).

-If you’re¬†using this as an excuse to eat all the carbs, Cool Mom Eats has Thanksgiving recipes and help¬†galore. As in, everything you could possibly want to eat, it’s here.

РA fantastic round-up of books about Thanksgiving from the native perspective to share with your kids.

6 ¬†versions of the “true Thanksgiving story”¬†— which one do you believe?

–¬†12 fun, easy fall nature crafts for preschoolers that can get them outside and keep them busy.

Р More help: 8 fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts for younger kids, and ideas for 6 adorable pinecone crafts

-We talk about expressing gratitude, and one way to do that is find ways to volunteer as a family.

РThe smart free printable Avery labels and cards were used to make an easy gratitude jar that Liz mentioned.

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Cool Picks of the Week

Klask: A fun, air-hockey like game that's perfect for the holidays

Kristen: Klask: Think air hockey, but with magnets. And strategy.

Liz: Not Parent Approved: It’s Cards Against Humanity, but for kids.


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