It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we definitely want to recognize all the VITs (Very Important Teachers) who help nurture our kids’ love of learning. So, along with a handwritten note of our gratitude, we like the idea of giving a DIY teacher gift that grows.

While of course there are tons of cool teacher gift ideas that we’ve recommended here, there’s something special about a hand-potted plant that can be kept on a windowsill in the classroom or brought home to plant outside. So we’ve got 10 neat ideas that are definitely worth a peek.

It’s a sweet gesture that can serve as a grand reminder of how much we value our kids’ amazing teachers for helping our kids to flourish and grow while under their care.

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DIY Teacher gifts: Love the sophisticated look of this potted plant with free printable banner from Alice & Lois

Printable Teacher Appreciation Banner in a Potted Plant | Alice & Lois

I love the rustic look of Alice & Lois’s burlap-wrapped plant (also shown at top), complete with a printable banner. So pretty it would look great on any teacher’s desk or as a centerpiece for their table at home.


DIY Teacher gifts: How special is this planter decorated each kid in the class? |Tutorial via Meri Cherry

DIY Class-Decorated Plant Gift for Teacher Appreciation | Meri Cherry

I adore this classroom art project idea from Meri Cherry (also shown at top) that gets all the kids involved in decorating a large planter to give to their teacher. Follow her instructions for how to make sure each child gets their own space for their mini masterpiece. And, if you don’t have time to coordinate a classroom project, we’re pretty sure most kids would be more than happy to decorate the entire planter themselves.


DIY Teacher gifts: Love these cool neon-dipped planters | DIY at Hello Bee

Neon-dipped DIY Planters for Teacher Gifts | by Caroline of Armelle at Hello Bee

Such a vivid (and easy!) way to update a plain clay planter. We love this idea from Caroline of Armelle that was featured on Hello Bee. Just add your own little DIY message, and your teachers’ gifts are ready to spread some brightness this week.

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DIY teacher appreciation gift: Printable herb gift tags from Such the Spot

Free Printable Herb Tags for a Teacher Gift | Such the Spot

I’m a sucker for a good pun, and these free printable herb-inspired tags are right up my alley. Plus, when you gift herbs, you’re giving your child’s teacher a healthy edible they are bound to appreciate. And, pssst, teachers: the “mint” pun tag would be great to save for a special student who may be moving or graduating.


DIY teacher appreciation gifts that grow: Try a small plant with a handwritten note | via Nearly Crafty

Simple Plant Teacher Appreciation Gift with Tags | Nearly Crafty

So easy to pull together — even at the last minute — with a few small plants, some pretty containers, and a handwritten note from the kids. Or, if your kids are too young to spell, write it for them and have them scribble their name. Be sure to visit Nearly Crafty’s post to see the clever idea she has for the pots you see here.


DIY Teacher gifts: A plant in a coffee mug is so clever! Free printable tags at I Heart Naptime

DIY Plant in a Coffee Mug with Free Printable | Lauren Rae and Company

A coffee mug makes an easy-to-carry planter for a succulent or other small plant. Plus, once the plant has been repotted outside or, er, passed on to the big garden in the sky, the coffee mug can be reused. The pretty and free printable tags are from I Heart Naptime and can be signed on the back by your little student.


DIY Teacher appreciation gift: Colored pencil vase by Happy Clippings

DIY Colored Pencil Vase for a Teacher Gift Happy Clippings

A colorful idea for cut flowers! Just be sure to check out Happy Clippings’ suggestions for how to get the colored pencils attached, and how she made that cute measuring tape ribbon. Such a fun way to include materials the teacher can actually use in the classroom, too.

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DIY teacher gifts: How gorgeous are these painted chalkboard planters from Katarina's Paperie?

Chalkboard Paint Planters for DIY Teacher Gifts | Katarina’s Paperie

Chalkboard paint is perfect on these painted planters, which can be filled with gardening supplies or a potted plant. Have your child write a little message or the teacher’s name on the front, and maybe send them to school with a piece of chalk for touch-ups in case it gets smudged along the way.


DIY Teacher gift: Painted mason jar potted plant with free printable via Lolly Jane

DIY Painted Mason Jar Teacher Appreciation Gift | Lolly Jane

If your kids love to paint as much as ours do, they’ll be more than happy to help you get these pretty pastel mason jars painted for their teacher gifts. Another thing I dig? Those tiny tags on a colorful straw look super cute flying atop the potted plant.


DIY teacher gift idea: Love this personalized potted plant idea from J. Sorelle!

Teacher Appreciation Plant in Personalized Pot | J. Sorelle

J. Sorelle uses bright markers to really pop off the side of these clay pots holding fragrant lavender. Love the idea of writing the kids’ names on one side, which makes this feel so much more personal. Also, visit this blog for her accompanying body butter recipe that goes very nicely with the plant. That will be one lucky teacher!