Very little in life is as terrifying as being handed a wad of cash by desperate parents asking you to find a group teacher gift that’s meaningful, memorable, and not a lifetime supply of Best Teacher Ever mugs. This year, you can forego the stack of Starbucks cards and present your kid’s classroom teacher with a gift that keeps on giving: aĀ beautiful game that helps teach empathy and problem solving, all in one.

Consider it theĀ Venti Mocha Frappuccino of classroom gifts.

The Empathy Toy from Twenty One Toys is a great gift for your teacher this holiday season.

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The Empathy Toy was designed to bridge the communication gap between visually impaired students and their classmates, but it’s an amazing tool for any classroom. Two students put on blindfolds. OneĀ builds (or is given) a combination of toy pieces. It’s their job to describe to the other blindfolded player how to build the same object using the same pieces, which have different shapes and textures. And in the process, teaches kidsĀ empathy, patience, and creativity. Not to mention teamwork.

How to play The Empathy Game from Twenty One Toys.

The Empathy Toy is an investment but either the Teacher’s Kit ($249) orĀ theĀ At Home SetĀ ($121) would makeĀ a great group gift from all the classroom parents to the teacher orĀ school. YouĀ could also add in the Educator’s Guidebook for Teaching Empathy. And then, if there’s any cash leftover from the pooled class money, go ahead and load up on those Starbucks cards, because honestly, teachers need that too.

You can learn more aboutĀ The Empathy Toy at Twenty One Toys.