If you’re like us and you love to make New Year’s resolutions but can never seem to actually keep them, well, this is the Spawned podcast for you. On this episode, we’re taking a closer look at the most common New Year’s resolutions, and sharing our own advice, plus tips and tricks from the experts, on how to actually tackle them. Whether you want to finally drop that baby weight or want to get a grip on your finances, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Plus, don’t miss Kristen’s big news! What a wonderful way to start off 2017!

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Links from the show. There are lots.

How to make one-word New Year’s resolutions

Thalia’s amazing drawing, done¬†using the Procreate app. (Psst: Follow us on Instagram to keep with us during the week)

– Kristen’s thoughts on Pure Barre vs. Barre3, and her Whole30 diet results.

Great advice about work-life balance from former guest (and author) Samantha Ettus.

How to cut the cable cord (and save yourself some money. Or a lot of money)

– A few great money management apps.

–¬†How to use tech to help you read more.

РOne of our favorite, inspiring books: The Happiness Project by our friend and fellow podcaster Gretchen Rubin.

Tips for making strong passwords.

РThis is our favorite iPhone charging case.

– A smart emergency iPhone tip.

How to set-up a Facebook Legacy contact.

– Here’s what happened when Kristen put her phone away around her kids for a week.

How to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions, according to psychologists.

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Cool Picks of the Week

Liz: Next Draft, a fantastic weekly round-up of news and interesting articles that are super well-curated. Great way to stay in-the-know!

Kristen: A weighted blanket. We actually did a Facebook Live all about them (plus more ways to help you and your kids get better sleep).


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