Full disclosure: I recently bought myself one of those fancy adult coloring books. I lined up my new colored pencils with their perfectly sharpened tips, total ROYGBIV rainbow.

I colored for about 5 minutes and threw the dang thing in a drawer.

Sorry not sorry, but it’s just too much pressure. It didn’t relax me at all.

But then I learned about these perfectly snarky adult coloring books from Papeterie Bleu, like #MOMLIFE: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book, which gets me on a cellular level.

As a mom, I have lived the pages of¬†Threenager and Potty like a rock star, and I wake up every morning thinking Mom hair, don’t care.

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Adult coloring books for moms and dads that are hilariously snarky

Snarky coloring books for moms and dads from Papeterie Bleu are our new zen.

Dad Life: A Manly Coloring Book from Papeterie Bleu is full of fabulous dad jokes.

One little quibble: #MomLife isn’t an entirely white thing, yo. But then, I guess you could color in the stressed-out parents on the pages¬†anyway you’d like.

They also have Dad Life: A Manly Adult Coloring Book,¬†for the guy who’s always dreamed of coloring in an intricate tableau of Pull my finger. Okay so the men don’t ask directions¬†joke is a little played, but hey, if the clich√© fits.

Also check out the publisher’s¬†other snarky adult coloring book options, including Mandalas? Meh,¬†a refreshing¬†change from all the New Year’s memes of beautiful sunsets circulating on Facebook, urging me to be one with the universe.

That book is definitely my favorite, because, I can so relate to the page with the quote, Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.

Just don’t tell my yoga instructor I said that. Or my kids.

Find the¬†awesomely snarky coloring books for moms — and dads — ¬†from Papeterie¬†Blue at our affiliate Amazon or¬†look for them at your local indie bookseller.