As the saying goes, always be you, unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.

But, what if you could be you…wearing makeup inspired by the shimmering, colorful magic of unicorns? Yeah, then be that.

PopSugar just gave the world an exclusive look at the new Tarte Cosmetics Make Believe in Yourself Collection, and the three products are bippity-boppity-beautiful.

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(Because we need more rainbows and unicorns in the world.)

Click over to check out the Magic Wands brush set (above) with gorgeously pastel-haired wands styled on glimmering golden unicorn horns. That’s right: We can now put on eyeshadow with a unicorn horn.

Oh, how I long to start my day with that kind of magic.

There’s also an iridescent anti-aging highlighter compact that smells like vanilla — and might actually use real magic to work. It’s like they know me! But I’m most excited about the Make Believe in Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette — and though I don’t have to make believe to believe in myself, I will take this baby on all my trips and never have to tote separate eyeshadow pots again.

I just can’t resist shadows with color names like dream, mystic, pixie, and trance.

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Tarte Cosmetics Make Believe in Yourself Collection is magical

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye and Cheek palette compact

Image: PopSugar


Even the compacts are gorgeous, with geometric or rainbow kaleidoscope designs.

Yes, the colors are fairly whimsical and audacious. But I myself am whimsical and audacious. And if that doesn’t describe you, then perhaps there’s a tween or teen in your life who might go nuts for one of these special little gifts.

Every girl needs a little vanilla-scented magic in her life, right?

Visit PopSugar for an exclusive look at the Tarte Cosmetics Make Believe in Yourself Collection, and sign up on the Tarte website to be notified when the products become available on March 15. NB: The “something magical is coming…” link isn’t working, but if you sign up for their newsletter, you should be good to go.