If LEGO and tape loved each other very very much (as we might say to the kids), this is what you’d get: Nimuno Loops. It’s a genius, colorful, flexible roll of LEGO tape that’s compatible with LEGO bricks and all the other building blocks.

Whoa. That means virtually anything, from your walls to your kids’ dressers to the fridge can become a base for LEGO creations. I’m thinking bike handlebars, headbands, necklaces, the bathtub — even the sides of your kids’ sneakers soles.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, let’s all go collectively hide our dogs.

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Nimuno Loop LEGO tape on Indiegogo

LEGO tape! Nimuno Loops is an amazing new product on Indiegogo

You can order yours now through their Indiegogo campaign which is already 6000% funded. In other words, LEGO tape is definitely happening.

I’m in! Hey, anything that means I step on fewer LEGO bricks at night is a good thing.

You can support the Nimuno Loops LEGO tape on Indiegogo right now. Starting at just $11, you can get two rolls totaling 6.5 feet long. Which means you’ll have enough for all the dogs. And cats. Though cats won’t like it much.

h/t The Daily Dot

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