I’m not so sure my kids could ever get bored of the LEGO sets that are currently blanketing the floor of our playroom, but just in case, I found three cool LEGO add-on sets that will make their builds even more exciting.

These sets are for kids who are able to follow the directions of a basic LEGO build themselves. In other words, your 5-year-old who’s a major LEGO fangirl would probably love these too, but will need help putting them together.

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Cool LEGO add-on sets: Circuit Cubes add LED lights and motors to your builds!

Circuit Cubes

A Circuit Cubes set comes with three blocks — a battery, an LED light, and a motor. When you add these pieces to your LEGO mobiles and connect the circuitry, your cars and tanks and princess carriages are self-propelled by the gear attached to the motor cube.

Naturally, this makes your builds a lot more exciting, but what I love most is that these aren’t limited to use only with LEGOs. You can create all kinds of cool crafts and DIY projects with them — from kaleidoscopes to wacky doodling machines.

If your kid loves all things STEM, including LEGOs, Circuit Cubes will make a great gift.


Cool LEGO add-on sets: Flybrix turns your LEGOs into drones you can crash and rebuild.


We discovered Flybrix last fall, and we’re still geeking out over the idea that our kids can build their own drones with LEGOs. Then crash them. Then build them again.

The price is high for LEGOs, but not that high for drones. And just know upfront that you use an app on your phone to control the drone’s flight, so if your kid doesn’t have their own device, you’ll be getting asked to hand yours over a lot.

But you guys, flying LEGOs. How cool is that?

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Cool LEGO add-on sets: LEGO education's pneumatics set for motorized machines.

LEGO Pneumatics Set

Wow, for kids who dream of building complex machines with their LEGOs, this pneumatics set from the LEGO Education line is a fun, interactive add-on. It has pumps, valves, an air tank, and more to make your machines come to life. This add-on has serious wow-factor.

Four instruction books for cool building projects are included, but you also get a complimentary curriculum that’s intended for teachers. It includes lots of problem-solving activities that will likely inspire your kids to build something that will win them first place at the science fair.

That said, if this sounds too basic for your STEM-loving child, go for the entire simple and motorized machines set from LEGO. It’s a big splurge, but really brings science, math, and technology to life.