My kids are obsessed with their dry erase boards (it’s the little things, you know?). In fact, my daughter has figured out she can use the dry erase markers on her glossy coloring book covers and wipe those down too. Now, they’re playing games like teacher and student whenever they can, with their markers and books in hand.

So when I spotted the reusable Wipebook dry erase notebook over at The Grommet, I instantly knew this would be a huge hit with my kids.

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This notebook has 20 reusable pages that can be written and drawn on and then erased, just like a white board. You can use any dry erase marker, but if you pair their pages with a Staedtler correctable marker, what you write is smudge proof too.

Of course, at the nearly $40 price point, this is likely intended more for business folk who need to jot down ideas or diagram models for work. That said, I could also see it being helpful around the house — to write out grocery lists or map out the week’s after-school activities.

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Then again, with my kids’ love of arts & crafts gifts (even cool pens and new notebooks are big hits with mine), I think this would be a fun, not-too-splurgy gift my kids would use all the time.

You can find the Wipeboook reusable dry erase notebook at The Grommet or our affiliate Amazon, where they also sell a less expensive version without the faux-leather cover

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