As the editors of Cool Mom Tech, we’re often asked by parents how to navigate the ever changing landscape of social media with their kids. So, we decided to spend this episode of our Spawned podcast answering questions and offering our thoughts and experiences with our own kids. If you’ve got kids on social media, or you’re considering it in the near future (or know someone who is), you’ll want to take a moment (or like 30 minutes) and listen to this important episode.

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Links from Spawned Episode 71 

How to know if your child is ready for a cell phone.

How to create a cell phone contract with your kids.

Why social media is not smart for middle school students.

The unspoken rules kids create for themselves on Instagram.

This week’s sponsor

Kidpik fashion boxes | Cool Mom Picks

We’re so thrilled to welcome kidpik as this week’s podcast sponsor. As you may have seen in our recent Facebook Live with them (and Kristen’s girls), they deliver custom-styled fashion for girls sizes 4-14. Once kids (or you!) complete their style questionnaire, the kidpik stylists fill a fashion box with about 7 items that can be worn as separates, or outfits, along with shoes and accessories too. You’ll get free shipping and free returns, and if you keep the entire box, you get a 30% discount on the items. Head over to kidpik to order your girls a box.


Cool Picks of the Week

Letter Folk boards | Cool Mom Picks

Liz: Damsel in Success, a cool Etsy shop we just discovered that we’re loving.

Kristen: Letter Folk, makers of those word boards you’ve probably seen all over Instagram. This is what happens when your kids use them. Ha.

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