Kids’ activewear is kind of a funny phrase, if you think about it, since kids are such constant blurs of motion — it’s like every piece of clothing turns into activewear, purposefully or not.

Which is what makes the new GapKids and Marvel collection even more super — the adorably Avengered clothes are designed with kids’ movement in mind, which makes it all the easier to unleash their inner superhero.

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The “Fit to Be Super” GapKids and Marvel collection debuts on May 30 in stores and online with some seriously cool summer pieces: Graphic tees, shorts, leggings, swim trunks, and accessories, all priced within the $19.95–44.95 range.

And they’re specially designed with breathable and flexible fabrics so kids will be comfy and cool while running around all summer long. But that’s not the only reason we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the collection.

One of the things we love about it: The designs. They could be over-the-top, in-your-face superhero, but instead they’re clever, with just the right amount of ka-pow. I mean, check out the comic strip leggings and tank at the top of this post. Awesome, right?

GapKids and Marvel collection: Spider-Man Leggings

And these Spidey leggings are more subtle but still cool — and we dig that the word choice on the leg is an inspiring verb instead of a noun. (What can we say? We notice stuff like that!)

GapKids and Marvel collection: Tech Shorts
And sometimes you can make a statement without saying any words at all! These tech shorts — with the New York City skyline and the blown-out portraits of the Avengers — look totally cool, but they’re literally cool too, which is perfect for any summer activity your kid is into.

Check GAP stores and online May 30 for the full “Fit to Be Super” collection. But until then, you can tide yourself over with some of the pieces from GapKids and Marvel’s earlier collection — some of which are now on sale, and that’s pretty super too.


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