If your kids remain obsessed with their¬†fidget spinners, like mine are, here’s a new way to put them to use that won’t drive you crazy: play with them together. And not at the dinner table, either.¬†Thanks to artist mom Amanda Farnum and her clever kids,¬†they’ve created a printable fidget spinner game available in her Etsy shop for download.

Essentially up to 5 players try to move across a grid by using your fidget spinner to complete tricks, like challenging another player to a spin-off, or spinning it on one finger while raising it over your head.

Just be sure that your kids are capable of doing said tricks¬†without dropping it on anyone’s head.

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I think it’s a neat idea to¬†freshen¬†up your family game night, or just to give the kids a chance to take out their fidget spinners¬†in a totally parent-sanctioned way.

Of course a fidget spinner is not included, but come on. Do you really need another one?

Download the printable fidget spinner game from Namesake Design on Etsy. Kids about as young as five can play, and instructions can be modified for different ages.