Cool fidget spinners and fidget cubes are absolutely taking over the world these days. In fact we’ve compared notes here on team Cool Mom Picks and yep, kids across the country are collectively losing their ever-loving minds over these fidget spinners. Stores are sold out and kids are spinning obsessively. All. day. long.

For some kids¬†who have trouble staying still or need to redirect all that physical energy to help them stay focused, the original KCHKUI fidget cubes can be¬†truly fantastic. A few of the moms here have seen some great results with our own kids, and some of the tactile experiences they offer are uh…quieter and less distracting than others.

On the other hand, it seems to be the cool fidget spinners that are all the rage. So much so, my own school just banned them this week.

Still, there’s a time and place for everything, so, we’ve tracked down 7 of the coolest¬†fidget spinners that you’ll want to grab¬†for your kids right this very minute before they’re all sold out and being scalped for 10 times the price, Tickle-Me-Elmo style.

Just be sure they stay in their backpacks between 8 and 3, okay?

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Cool fidget spinners: Captain America spinner at IG Spinners

My kids¬†are saving their pennies for this Captain America Fidget Spinner, offered up by San Diego-based IG Spinners on Etsy.¬†If an¬†Ironman Fidget Spinner¬†is more your kid’s speed, they have one for him too (at very top). Just note that it will¬†take a couple weeks of your kids fidgeting (ha) before it arrives, but I think it’s¬†worth the wait.¬†Because, superheroes.

Cool fidget spinners: Ribbon hued Meisus titanium spinner

There are only a few left in this ribbon-hued fidget spinner from MEISUS, which is made of titanium alloy (fancy!) and promises 3-8 minute spins. Whoa. The company offers unconditional returns on their products, which makes me feel better about shelling out a bit more for this one, than grabbing a cheapie online that will end up in the recycling pile in two days.

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Cool fidget spinners: TNSO fidget spinner with LED lights

Another affordable option is this TNSO fidget spinner with LED lights, which comes in five great colors and gets terrific reviews. I’d say the LED lights mean they’re definitely not for classroom use, but if they help the kids settle down before dinner or make for some sleepover party fun, then have at it!


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Cool fidget spinners: The metal medieval style spinner from Bokate

For your LOTR or D&D fans, they’re going to love this medieval-looking, very cool Crusader Fidget Spinner from BOKATE in either a copper or silvery metallic color. The size makes it small and discrete, and for fidgety kids prone to dropping (i.e. breaking) their toys, this could be a perfect option.

Cool fidget spinners: Custom bar spinner at Fidget Things

Most of the spinners I’ve seen are a Y¬†shaped, so I like the collection of handmade, 3-D printed fidget spinners¬†from¬†Fidget Things on Etsy. This cool EDC bar fidget spinner is a very affordable $7.99, and the colors help it stand out — so that hopefully it’s easier for your kids to keep track of it.¬†But I also like the 6 shot fidget spinner toy, which rings in under $10. You can even request custom color schemes of these cool fidget spinners when you order from the shop, to make yours more special.


Cool fidget spinners: Personalized spinners at Sweenks Custom Laser

Want to make sure your kid’s cool new fidget spinner actually makes it home in the backpack after school? You have to check out these¬†personalized metallic fidget spinners¬†from Sweenks Custom Laser in Utah. These are¬†a favorite of mine because they’re laser engraved with your child’s initials, jersey¬†number, or pretty much anything…making it that much harder to lose.

The company claims they “can be used in classroom and work environments without disrupting others” but…that’s to be determined.