Summer break is here for my kids (yes, already!), which means I’m looking down the barrel of 13 long, lovely (and lively, knowing my crew) weeks at home. We have a lot of things we want to do — go for hikes, do every single craft in Project Kid (ha!), touch a frog (really!).

But most days I look up and it’s already lunch time…and nap time for the toddler. Then, there goes all our plans.

So, I’ve been researching some creative ways to make a summer bucket list with my kids. It’s going to help us narrow down our list to the things we really want to do, and I hope it will also hold us all accountable to actually do them.

Let’s do this, summer!

At top: Bucket List Scrapbook | Delia Creates

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Creative ways to make a summer bucket list: A wipe-able bucket list at Kraft Mint

1. Create a wipe-able list you can change all summer long.

If you expect your list to change a lot over the summer, download and frame this easy breezy free summer bucket list printable at Kraft Mint. Once it’s behind glass, you can use a dry erase marker to add to, update, and edit your bucket list all summer long. And it’s pretty enough to sit out on display in your kitchen or family room, as a constant reminder of all the fun you’re going have this summer.

Creative ways to make a summer bucket list: A bucket list scrapbook DIY at Delia Creates

2. Put together a bucket list scrapbook.

I’m so excited about this all-in-one summer bucket list and scrapbook idea at Delia Creates (also shown at top). Documenting all of my kids’ dreams and goals with photos is such a clever idea, and it will make a sweet keepsake to look back on. Be sure to click over to her blog to download the printable pages to use as inserts. Then, start making those sweet summer memories!

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Creative ways to make a summer bucket list: Printable bucket list at Tried and True

3. Create custom lists for everyone in the family.

For a simple list that the kids can fill out themselves, I like this Summer Bucket List printable at Tried and True blog. It’s free at her site, and your kids can each make their own and keep track of what they’ve accomplished over the summer. You know, on the off chance they don’t all agree on every bucket list item.

Creative ways to make a summer bucket list: A DIY Bucket List at Hello Glow!

4. Craft an actual bucket bucket list.

Of all the creative ways to make a summer bucket list, this is definitely a favorite. Because, it’s literally a bucket. To get all the smart tips for creating a literal bucket list, check out the tutorial at Hello Glow! I love her tips on displaying mementos to remember your items all summer long, and she has a great plan for making sure you get them all done too. And with a project this simple, you can keep on adding to it all year long.

Creative ways to make a summer bucket list: Bucket List Bingo at Pepper Scraps

5. Play bucket list Bingo.

OMG, how fun! If your kids are too young (or too old and too cool) to make their own summer bucket lists, you can print this already-filled-out and free summer bucket list bingo board at Pepper Scraps. Or, you can use the blank one to fill in with your own aspirations for the summer. Once you hit bingo, celebrate with ice cream and a movie!