The thrill of watching a joyful toddler play in the ocean is almost enough to outweigh the pain-in-the-neck routine of swim diapers and sunscreen and sand and coverups. Not to mention the wagon full of towels, toys and other gear. But I just checked out a press sample of the adorable new children’s beach ponchos from Poncho and Parker and wow, they can really make the entire beach-going process surprisingly easier on parents.


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Poncho and Parker: The kids' beach ponchos that multitask in a big way.

Just slip the beach poncho over your kid’s head; there are no sleeves to wriggle into so you can get one on your squirmy children with those awesome stealth ninja parent moves before they realize what you’re doing.

They’ll get pretty full coverage from the sun — more so than your standard cover-up — especially when that hood is up.

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These kids’ beach ponchos are made from a really nice Turkish premium cotton, but that’s not just about looks or a luxury feel; since Turkish cotton absorbs water really well — even more so the more you wash it — the ponchos can essentially double as towels, too.

Simply open them out, tuck the hood inside the neck hole, and lay them down on the sand.

Now I will say they’re kind of pricey. Like, boutique-store level pricing, though you do get what you pay for.

I’d suggest ordering a size up so they last a good long time. Plus, I can justify one since it lets me skip lugging around extra towels, coverups, or even a sun hat. At least if your kid is willing to keep that hood up.

Find the Poncho and Parker beach poncho in lots of colors and patterns from the website. Thanks to the company for providing a press sample for review consideration.