If you’re looking for a cool gift that gives your kids a healthy dose of pretend playtime coupled with some real learning, we just spotted the brand new Mini Medical Kits from Little Medical School, a company hoping to excite the next generation of doctors, nurses, dentists and veterinarians.

What’s particularly striking about these is that they’re made for kids you might think are a little old for doctor kits. But not too old for dreaming about healing the world.

Little Medical School is not a toy company. In fact, their boxes full of crafts, games, and dolls are all designed by actual medical professionals. And they’ve got some experience when it comes to education through play; the Missouri-based company has offered actual youth and teen medical classes for several years, so it’s no surprise their new kits go beyond basic bandages and popsicle stick tongue depressors.

(Those were always weird to me, anyway.)

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My Little Veterinarian Kit by Little Medical School

Instead, kids can follow the workbooks to really learn how to treat a sprained ankle (though hopefully, not their own!), take ticks off a beloved pet, or nurse a sick baby — in your choice of skin tones — back to health.

There’s also a co sports medicine kit among the choices, that lets kids perform a simulated Tommy John surgery, among other treatments for sports injuries. Whoa.

But what kids may love best is the lab coat that comes in their very own size. Because of course medical professionals need their own “costumes” — they’re superheroes too.

You can order your Mini Medical Kits at select specialty stores or on the Little Medical School website store. They’re slated to ship on August 1, 2017. 

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