There’s no denying that the massive success of The Woman’s March on January 21, 2017, marked it as an historic day in our country, the world and the continuation of a long history of boss ladies making our voices heard. So I was so excited to discover this We March Coloring Book by art director Vivienne Wan, fundraising on Kickstarter now.

Naturally I’m excited to share the lessons of that day day with my 4-month-old son, who was with me during the Women’s March — only in utero — and in a few years, this will be the perfect way to start the conversation.

Okay, I so I want my own copy, too.

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We March Coloring Book Kickstarter Project

Just looking at the pictures in this book brought back memories of why The Women’s March was such an inspiring, hopeful, empowering event to be a part of. Its pages are full of chanting, cardboard-wielding, passionate people of all kinds, celebrating so much that’s great about our country: Solidarity, positivity, diversity, community, democracy.

And of course, those pink-eared pussyhats.

The We March coloring book includes blank pages so kids can fill in signs with the causes they care about |

I especially love that book ends with a few illustrations of protesters holding blank signs, so that kids can write in the issues they care about, whatever they happen to be.

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Because no matter who my son decides to vote for when he grows up, and how he chooses to advocate for the causes he’s passionate about, I want him to know that the ability to stand up for his beliefs and speak out is an incredibly powerful right that we’re lucky to have in this country.

The “We March” Coloring Book has already reached its goal on Kickstarter, whoo! But you can still snag your own copy (estimated ship date is November, 2017 in time for holidays) and help Vivienne reach her stretch goals by pledging now — there are some great discounts if you’re ordering more than one.