This summer we’re borrowing a page from the Southwest with gorgeous, totally fun cactus crafts for kids. If you ask me, it’s one of the most DIY-able plant inspirations out there and kids seem to love them.

So I’ve rounded up 7 of the coolest cactus crafts for kids to try their hand at; perfect for the backyard under a shady tree in the summer, or for indoor crafting when the weather starts getting cooler. Because fortunately, these cactus crafts can survive in any climate

Top image: Pet Cactus Rocks | Best Ideas for Kids

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Cactus crafts for kids: Popsicle Stick Cactus | Glued to My Crafts

When I’m crafting with my nieces, I’m a sucker for anything that comes together almost entirely with supplies I already have in my home, so this Popsicle Stick Cactus Craft for Kids is right up my alley. Construction paper? Check. Glue? Check. Popsicles and volunteers to lick them clean? Double check. Thanks, Glued to My Crafts for the great photos and easy instructions!


Cactus crafts for kids: Pet Cactus Rocks | The Best Ideas for Kids

I’d like to declare that pet rocks are officially cool again now, at least if you’re whipping up one of the awesome Pet Cactus Rocks from the craft tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids. Be sure to use the kind of paint she recommends so this project doesn’t end in tears!

And hey, maybe kids can even find a way to use these as part of a painted rock random act of kindness like this one that Liz recently did with her kids. I’d imagine discovering one of these little googly-eyed dudes in an unexpected public place would make just about anyone’s day.


Cactus crafts for kids: DIY Pipe Cleaner Cacti from Handmade Charlotte

The DIY Pipe Cleaner Cacti craft for kids looks easy, but you’ll definitely want to follow the detailed, step-by-step tutorial at Handmade Charlotte. Plus, she shows you how to make those adorable pom pom cactus blossoms as a finishing touch. In fact, I now want to add them to every object in my life.


Cactus crafts for kids: Cardboard Cacti DIY from Elise at Grow Creative Blog

Any other Amazon Prime members inundated with cardboard boxes? Repurpose them with this sweet Cardboard Cacti craft for kids from Elise at Grow Creative Blog. Don’t they look great? Also be sure check out all the different textures she manages to create with paint — so fun for our budding Georgia O’Keefes.

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Cactus crafts for kids: Paper Cactus Plants DIY at Hello, Wonderful

From the geniuses at Hello, Wonderful, this Paper Cactus Plant craft just exudes cheerfulness; it’s hard to look at them without smiling. Hit the site for the generous free printables she’s made made available to make this craft doable for even younger kids — and less crafty parents.


Cactus crafts for kids: Toothpick Cacti DIY via Mod Podge Rocks Blog

If you want to up your fun factor — and okay, probably your messiness factor, because don’t they usually go hand in hand? — try making this Toothpick Cactus craft for kids from the always inspiring Mod Podge Rocks Blog. Kids will have a blast creating that cool, crinkly cactus texture. Just be sure to keep those pointy sticks away from little ones!



Cactus crafts for kids: DIY Cactus Wreath craft tutorial at Design Improvised

Haley at Design Improvised created this DIY Cactus Wreath craft for a cactus-themed baby shower (so clever!) she decorated. Perfect for older kids who love a pretty result as much as the process — especially if there’s a DO NOT DISTURB message on it, before they hang it from their bedroom doors.


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