I was so happy to come across the beautifulĀ US means all of usĀ message, which started as a grassroots campaign from Selman Design to help attack ignorance and fear, especially about the Muslim-American community, while promoting equality and respect for all Americans.

The message was so well-received (it originally accompanied a NY Times editorial board op-ed) they turned this simple statement of tolerance and love into a fantastic graphic t-shirt with 100% of the proceeds support the essential work of the ACLU.

Beautiful message for a really important cause? I’m all in.

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I only wish they’d make the unisex shirt in kids’ sizes — I’ve got two girls here who would be honored to wear the tee, and who would welcome the conversations that it would undoubtedly start.

Until then, you can also buy the message on a poster. I think it would look just perfect in their room, sandwiched somewhere between the Hamilton posters and Wonder Woman fan art.

Order the t-shirt or poster fromĀ US Means All Of Us. and visit theĀ US Means All of Us Instagram feed.Ā Photo: Blair Imani