If you’re like most parents (us included!) you spend a whole lot of your time in your car. Whether it’s shuttling the kids to and from school, activities, sports, and playdates, running errands, or just hitting the road on the weekends.

And when you’ve got a teenager behind the wheel, well, we know that road safety becomes even more top-of-mind. Like, all the time.

That’s why we’re excited to share info about our newest sponsor, an amazing new car safety device called Bouncie, which is keeping so many families safe on the road.

Click over to Cool Mom Tech for all the details on how this simple device plugs right into your car, no tools required.

It syncs to your phone to send all kinds of helpful — and often really important — safety info right to your smartphone, wherever you are giving families a ton of peace of mind. You’ll get info from vehicle diagnostics, to updates about your fuel levels or car battery status, even location information, should you have a new driver who needs just a weeee bit of extra oversight on the road for now.

It’s pretty amazing!

Bouncie is an amazing car safety device that sends alerts, diagnostics, and safety help right to your smartphone to keep you (and any teen drivers!) safer on the road | cool mom picks | sponsored message

Bonus: Bouncie can send you reminders about renewing your registration or inspection. Let’s just say, if you’ve ever gotten a ticket for being a day late with your renewals (ahem, Liz is quietly hiding over here) then that may be one of your favorite features about it.

Visit Cool Mom Tech to learn more about Bouncie to see all the things this easy, affordable device is doing to keep your family safer on the road, all with simple no-tool installation and a free smartphone app.. 

Thanks so much to our sponsor Bouncie for helping to make driving safer for so many families, especially those of us with teen drivers — or those who will be soon. Eek!