As much as I love the convenience and ease of digital calendar apps, I’m in the market for a brand new 2017-18 school year planner, because I’m a paper planner girl at heart.

I always get a little thrill when it’s time to get a new one,  and that time is now! Because the best 2018 planners tend to start in August or September of 2017 in them to coincide with back-to-school busyness.

Here are some of our favorites, from sassy to sweet. Make a date (heh!) to order one ASAP though, because your fall schedule is going to fill up faster than you can say “learn new math to be able to help with homework.”

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Cool, pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Kate Spade's "She's always running fashionably late." “Fashionably Late” Large Spiral 2017-18 Planner by Kate Spade ($36, Nordstrom)

Kate Spade’s planners somehow always make plain old day-to-day scheduling feel a little more stylish and fun, and this one is no exception. (Hey, it even says so right on the cover!) It has monthly and weekly spreads and laminated dividers, but but what I really like in terms of construction, is that it looks bound on the outside, but there’s actually a secret spiral in the spine so that the book lays flat when you write in it.


Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Alice in Wonderland limited Moleskine planner

Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Weekly Planner ($34.95, Amazon)

We just covered some of the coolest limited edition Moleskine notebooks and journals, and of course we can’t resist their Star Wars and rock n roll collabs. But if you’re going for something a little prettier, try this Alice in Wonderland 18-month 2017-18 planner in a nice, handbag-friendly 5 x 8.25″ size.

Inside, Moleskine takes a different tack on organization, with the dates on left-hand pages and blank lined paper on the right. It gives gives you tons of space for daily notes, if you’re more of a jotter when it comes to time management of all those tea parties and dates with the queen. Or uh, the PTA president.

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Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Hadron Epoch's twist on inspirational quotes

Humorous Inspirational Planners and Agendas for 2017-2018 ($25-30, Hadron Epoch Designs)

This Etsy shop offers hard proof inspirational phrases on planners don’t have to be cheesy with phrases like Sing Along to the Radio and You Only Live Once. (The cotton candy planner seen here is currently sold out, but we’re hoping it comes back!)

Love that it has blank lined and grid paper and a convenient pocket in the back, too — and if inspiration isn’t your thing, check out other beautiful items like this stunning Ombre 2017-18 Yearly Planner.


Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Marble 2017-18 planner by Hadron Epoch at Anthro. Beautiful!

The Hadron Epoch marble 2017-18 planner also appears at Anthropologie. Wow, that cover…gorgeous!


Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Rifle paper's foil-printed planner is gorgeous

Rifle Paper’s Floral Foil 17-Month Planner ($34, Anthropologie)

While you’re at Anthropologie, it’s so nice to see a good selection from Anna Bond and our friends at Rifle Paper. The interior cover of this foil-fronted 2017-18 school year planner is filled with pretty, colorful flowers, and its pages are dotted with sweet quotes but the outside is all metallic awesomeness. The included plastic ruler/placeholder is a small detail but always such a huge plus for me.

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Best 2017-18 school year planners: The mini agendas by Poketo are conveniently sized, and let you fill in the dates to start whenever you want!

Open-Dated Mini Agenda Planners ($36, Poketo)

We’ve always loved the simplicity and versatility of these pretty planners by Poketo: They’re divided into months and days like the usual planners, but they’re open-dated. That means you don’t have to feel guilty about missing a few days or weeks up front, and you can start penciling in your schedule on whatever day most appeals to you — whether that’s the first day of school or the first day of 2018.


Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Rose Gold Large Planner by Paper Source

Simple Rose Gold Leatherette 2017-18 Planner ($29.95, Paper Source)

Our favorite summer color trend translates so nicely into this leatherette planner, don’t you think? The edges of the paper are gold foil for an extra bit of fancy, and two attached ribbons ensure that you don’t lose your spot. Nice way to make a desk in a home office, or even a kitchen counter just a little prettier.


Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: Am Very Busy by Bando. Love!

I am Very Busy 17-month agenda by Ban.Do ($20, ShopBop)

All of Ban.Do’s cool planners — like the one here, and the You’re Killing It version at the top of this post — are filled with cute little drawings, suggestions for fun weekend to-dos, and entire sticker pages. And there are clever messages to discover all over the books, too, so even if a day in your schedule gets boring, your planner won’t.

Pretty 2017-18 school year planners: City Dreams Planner by Bloom

Bloom City Dreams Daily 2017-18 School Year Planner ($10.96 on sale, Amazon

Bloom’s watercolor-covered planner includes all of the must-haves — dates, to-do lists, notes pages — along with some unexpected bonuses. I like the supplemental pages you can use to write out yearly goals, the end-of-month reflections and mission statement pages, and even a page called “Reasons to Have a Party.” Yep. I do need that.