Scratchy tags, raised seams, and puffy patches on shirts or pants may seem like little things to a lot of us, but they can be big deals for kids with sensory issues. So leave it to Target to create a line of new sensory-friendly kids’ clothing that’s as cute as it is affordable.

Available for purchase starting just this week, Target’s in-house Cat & Jack line now features leggings and shirts with the same designs, only with flat seams, heat-transferred labels, and one-dimensional, non-embellished graphics to keep clothing as smooth and comfy as possible — a welcome relief for kids who are overwhelmed by textures.
New sensory-friendly kids' clothing by Target
The sensory-friendly clothing is available online only right now, which is a little weird because I would definitely want my kids to feel them before picking them out. That said, the prices are ridiculously reasonable at $5-7 each, and hey, they do have a good return policy.

I’m looking forward to Target’s collection launching this this fall: adaptive clothes made for kids who have other challenges. Like clothing with zip-off sleeves and side openings for easier dressing, for example.

I’m just so happy to see that Target is becoming even more inclusive and mindful of all kids. And hey, anything that makes back-to-school shopping easier and more affordable is A+ with us.

Find Target’s sensory-friendly Cat & Jack kids’ clothing online in toddler (2T–5T) and kid (XS–XL) sizes. 

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