We’re big fans of Budsies, custom dolls based on your kids’ own artwork. My kids’ own drawings were lovingly interpreted into adorable stuffed animals by their team a few years ago, and they’re still favorites around our house.

So when we heard Budsies was launching a new program called Budsies Market, where kids like Aerick Hood, maker of Bernie the Blob Monster can design and sell their own stuffed animals, we were all ears.

Because our ambitious “lemonade-stand-every-weekend” and “let-me-sell-DIY-creations-on-Etsy” kids are going to love it.

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Your kids can create and sell their own stuffed creatures for fundraisers with Budsies. Amazing site!

Design and sell your own custom plush toys at Budsies Market

Design and sell your own custom plush toys at Budsies Market


Whether your kids have created cool, creative illustrations of unicorns, rainbows, their school or team mascot (or hey, blob monsterspineapples and Boho Bunny Macarons) they can upload them to the Budsies Market site. The only rules are that it has to be original art, and you need 100 pre-orders of your design for Budsies to start making them.

Sorry, this one is not just for grandparents; it really is for fundraising purposes or larger scale sales.

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Once the orders are in, Budsies will handle the rest from production to shipping. Your kids will get a check for 10% of all sales, which they can donate to their team, class trip fund, school play costume budget, or favorite charity.

Or maybe it just goes into their new-bike fund, or they use it as capital for their next big business idea. Whoo!

Kids can start their own small business by uploading their first designs at Budsies Market. And hey, there’s nothing stopping adults from using their service too.